A new Multilateral Economic and Ecological Consensus is needed to tackle the challenge of that time. We are standing at the crossroads. The point is not to adapt the world to the failures of a market-forces -and-finance driven economy by means of contracyclical politics, but to redesign the global economic, financial and monetary architecture in the wake of a new social and environmental compact.

To achieve stability, harmony , reconstruction of devastated environment and of shattered human communities, a new economic infrastructure will seek to empower the people and communities for locally based development, vivid national markets and economies in the developing countries whereas the developed world will necessarily have to reduce their consumption of material goods and energy.

A sustainable future requires to create a new holistic approach to inclusive development that entails : food security and economic justice for all human beings on Earth, equitable sharing of the world resources between all nations, adequate and cheap financial resources and a stable and predictable international monetary system.

Economy cannot be considered separately from Life. Life is sacred, we share a common spiritual heritage. Therefore we cannot build up economic relations without considering who we really are, our deep spiritual nature and what a spiritual economy can be. In other words, to create a just and fair international economic system we first have to understand what the purpose of life is and what role human beings play in Evolution. Otherwise we are blind or, at best, driven by ideologies of all sorts according to the present time.

A revolution in consciousness is pervading the world nowadays. The need for change appears at all levels, and has to be reflected in a new economic system.

In particular, we need a combination of interrelated global plans :

  • Feed the hungry of the world through an Emergency Hunger Relief Program,
  • Ensure long term food security by setting up a common management of the food resources at the international level, and replace the present commodity market rule,
  • Create a pool of Global Commons,
  • Create a new global international trade and reserve currency to achieve stability and provide cheap finance to nation states, particularly in the developing world ,
  • Implement a deep reform to regulate the financial world and its role in sustaining the world economy,
  • Launch a Global and Green Marshall Plan mechanism to transfer resources to developing nations. We have to put an end to the competition between nations and to the control of access to the world resources.

Inclusive development can only be holistic and people centered, with respect to the limits that Mother Nature has given to this planet, our home. We either become aware of that and create the conditions for well being for all people in a sustainable way, or we will destroy our civilisation and possibly the planetary life itself.