The entire Cosmos is an ocean of energy. Scientists say that our universe could just be one among billions, coming into cyclical manifestations for a period of time, as the Rishis of Ancient India have told long ago. Scientists have found that the main component of cosmos is what they call ‘dark matter’. In reality, they are discovering the etheric planes of matter, in which lie new fields of experiences and of energy. Evolution proceeds in forms but above all in consciousness. Beyond the human evolution is the fifth kingdom of nature, the Masters of Wisdom. They are returning to our everyday world because humanity stands at the crossroads. We only have 15-20 years to radically change our patterns of consumptions of goods and energy before irreversible and disastrous damages in Mother Earth nature automatically unfold. Clean energies are of great use, provided we share them and actually shift from a competitive world to a civilisation of cooperation. The Masters particularly recommend the use of cold fusion energy instead of nuclear fission which is destroying the immune system of mankind and is a major source of pollution, beyond what our scientists can actually measure. Time for change is ripe. The « to be or not to be » of our planet lies in our hands, now.

  1. There is nothing else than energy in the Cosmos
  2. The etheric planes of matter
  3. The Masters of Wisdom
  4. The urgency of the present time
  5. Energy and sharing
  6. Nuclear cold fusion energy
  7. Conclusion


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