It is rather common to consider nuclear fission energy as a clean, unlimited and modern source of energy, of a most promising and efficient type to replace the old, polluting fossil fuel energy, on our way from the industrial to the post industrial civilisation.
Together with many goverments, very influential and powerful think tanks such as Bilderberg or the Trilateral Commission, promote nuclear ernergy as the most effective way to fight against climate change and to ensure energetic security worldwide for future generations.
However, NGOs and civil society activists worldwide have shown that nuclear ernergy is not so efficient, nor is it safe. They rightly claim that there is no security in nuclear fission and that accidents such as the Chernobyl disaster are likely to be reproduced.

Likewise, at the political level, it is rather alarming to note that exploitation of and control over nuclear energy have been transferred from governments to private industrial businesses and trusts. Among the eminent world figures active in the aforementioned think tanks is Ms Anne Lauvergeon, President of French nuclear group Areva, a group listed at the Paris Euronext Stock Exchange. Is the privatization of nuclear energy not the ultimate symbol of the victory of the neoliberal economic ideology which is daily transforming all fields of human activities and endeavours into marketable commodities and assets ?

Yet the most dangerous effect of the nuclear energy lies with the technology itself but is not assessed as yet neither by the NGOs nor by our nuclear scientists, not to speak about the nuclear industrialists.
It is the depleting effect caused by the nuclear radiation upon the etheric level of matter, including our human etheric bodies. This assertion might sound strange as the information about the etheric planes of matter is not common knowledge and as modern science has not officially discovered these levels of matter.
So far, physicists qualify as ‘dark matter’ what is in reality the etheric level of vibration of matter. Invisible as yet to our eyes and measuring instruments, the etheric aspect of matter is nevertheless under the scrutiny of physicists. Their calculations show that this so called ‘dark matter’ exists, though they cannot see nor measure it. Despite scepticism among the average citizens, scientists and intellectuals, those learned in the practise of meditation or oriental medecine are used to feel, sense and act upon their etheric body and those particular points called chakras.
The upsurge of the Alzheimer pathologies as well as cancers in the world nowadays is one of the direct effects of the depleted etheric enveloppe which serves as the matrix to the dense physical matter of our bodies because of the nuclear radiation released by any and all nuclear plants in the world. No technology, as modern as it may be, is so far able to detect and counterbalance this lethal impact on our health. Yet it is a reality of the most desastrous consequence. The chakras and the etheric body are directly connected to the endocrinal system, and to the nervous system. Whatever affects the etheric body finally affects the dense physical body.

It is very urgent to develop cold fusion which can be obtained from an isotope of water, our Elder Brothers, the Masters of Wisdom, say. World scientists and University researchers should unite their efforts to carry out the necessary research and tests, under the supervision of the United Nations to set up this safe cold fusion energy, out of which no Gamma rays are emitted. It is safe, clean, easily achieved, the Masters say and, above all, it can be made readily available at very low costs to all in a reasonable time.
The results of the scientists’ work should be made available to all nations indifferently so that no private group nor any nation or limited numbers of nations would become the shareholders of this really harmless and plentiful, almost unlimited source of energy. The 192 member states of the United Nations should become the stakeholders of this energy. Then, we will not need those gigantic private businesses who monitor the production and the distribution of electrical energy against revenue and high prices. Each house will have its own independent small « power plant » and will produce its energy according to the needs. Cars, trains, planes, buses will be moved by this energy. It is of course a revolution in energy which will result in a huge transformation of organisation of our societies. Conservative forces stick on to nuclear fission because it is a source of power and wealth whereas cold fusion available to all at low cost will mean independence and freedom from controlling entities either private or public. Yet it is the only energy that can be universally available whatever the place in the world, and which can lead us safely into the 22nd century without the irreversible destructions in progress, of our planetary ecosystem which sustains all life on Earth.

The challenge ahead of us is to shift from this most dangerous, lethal fission energy, a symbol of our present humanity trapped into division, competition, exclusion and non-democratic dominion by a minority of powerful groups and developed nations, to cold fusion energy, the symbol of synthesis, cooperation between nations, unity in diversity, peace and justice through the equal access to energy for all as a basic Human Right and not a commodity.