photo-presentationFrench native, aged 55, has 30 years of experience in business in small and medium size enterprises, at national and international level, including 6 years as President of Club Export 21, a gathering of French exporting companies, in relation with the Chamber of Commerce of Dijon, France.

As President of Share France – Partage international (, he has been making lectures and attending radio programs for more than 20 years about the necessity of a shift of paradigm in our civilisation, the presence among us of highly evolved spiritual beings, called the Masters of Wisdom, and the absolute necessity to shift the global economy from competition to cooperation.

He has been attending the yearly Unctad Public Symposium and has taken part to the Unctad XIII Conference in Doha, Qatar, in 2012, as a representative of Share France – Partage international, where he could give a lecture about the necessity of a Green and Global Marshall Plan at the Civil Society Forum.

He aims to promote the set up of the economy of sharing at the global level.


Main publications :

  • A new Global currency for global peace, CMDC, 2011.
  • Nuclear Cold Fusion, the energy of peace, CMDC, 2011.
  • La Voix des Peuples, Soleil Levant, 2011.
  • Towards a new monetary, economic and financial order, Unctad Public Symposium, 2010
  • Towards a new Multilateral Economic Consensus, Unctad Public Symposium, 2011
  • Why a Green and Global Marshall Plan can’t be avoided, public lecture at the Civil Society Forum, Unctad XIII Conference in Doha, 2012