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What is the currency system’s role for establishment of effective economic justice and solving the environmental, social and economic crisis ?

Currency is an instrument designed to make economic exchanges easier, to value goods, commodities and services. It is a tool to ease the economic flows.
Now, money has been transformed into a tool for domination

Towards a new monetary, economic and financial order

New foundations are needed. Consolidating the tumbling order will not work. Tomorrow cannot be like yesterday. We are standing at the crossroads and this is a time of major opportunity for change.
What is

Time for sharing and justice

World economic order in disarray
Every day that passes brings more evidence that the present world economic order is in disarray, on the verge of collapse.
International cooperation is in a stalemate. Despite decades of

The pool of global commons

There is no doubt that we are undergoing a growing climate and ecosystem’s crisis.
Air, water, soils, forests… are polluted to such an extend that the very survival of humanity and the sub-human kingdoms is threatened.

Reaching food security once for all

Decades of neglect in small-holder agriculture support and investment, unilateral trade liberalization in the South and increasing financialization of the food an commodity markets are the major root causes to the present food crisis.

The necessity of a new multilateral economic consensus

3The present crisis is the consequence of the failure of the present economic world order produced by the Washington Consensus.
The « laisser faire » of market forces, the fierce competition between nations and within nations between