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Towards a new international reserve currency

Currency is an instrument designed to make economic exchanges easier, to value goods, commodities and services. It is a tool to ease the economic flows. Now, money has been transformed into a tool for domination and power, accumulation of assets, unbridled speculation. It is part of the “competition between all” ideology, which is dominated naturally by the strongest and the result is the terrible economic and environmental situation we face nowadays…

Making Trade and Finance Work for People and the Planet

Economic development based on competition has failed to solve the dire problems of hunger, increasing mass poverty, social inequity and lack of a meaningful life for billions of people, while frantic consumption in developed places is driving the world to the edge of an environmental disaster. A new international Consensus is needed to promote a holistic and inclusive development, to share the world resources more equitably and efficiently, to supply the essentials of life to all men and women regardless of their purchase power, and to provide monetary stability for a balanced economic development.

Responding to Global Crises: New Development Paths

Neu, foundations are needed. Consolidating the tumbling order will not work. Tomorrow cannot be like yesterday. we are standing at the crossroads and this is a time of major opportunity for change’. What is needed is not a mere compromise on present multilateral arrangements and the current, laisser-faire’ but a complete restructuration of our international economic relations.

Why a Green and Global Marshall Plan can’t be avoided ?


A new Multilateral Economic and Ecological Consensus is needed to tackle the challenge of that time. We are standing at the crossroads. The point is not to adapt the world

A new global currency for global peace

The need to reform the present economic order based on the Washington Consensus and establish economic justice in the world is more and more admitted as an urgent priority by both the UN organizations and the civil society. Such transformation of the international economic order requires the creation of a new monetary order at the center of which stands the creation of a new world currency. That currency should be instrumental in the creation of a stable international would not be limited to compensating the excesses of the present economic order dominated by financial forces, but to be fully part of a new economic pattern that would endeavor first and foremost to implement the universal Human Rights in their economic dimensions.